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Klaviyo Marketer

Work with a former Klaviyo customer success strategist to optimize your Klaviyo account.

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A portrait picture of myself, Bobby

Meet your single point of contact.

Hey, I'm Bobby.

A portrait picture of myself, Bobby

After working directly with customers at Klaviyo for two years across multiple roles, I decided to mix my passion for entrepreneurship, eCommerce and Klaviyo and take the leap into starting my own freelance business.

I have 10+ years of digital marketing experience, which includes working directly with 100+ eCommerce brands on Klaviyo over that span, helping them optimize their Klaviyo accounts and grow through their owned channels.

A few of the 100+ brands I've worked with

Services I perform include

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List Cleaning & Segmentation

I'll help you organize your lists and audit your subscriber funnels.
Then, create segments for both messaging and insights, built off of levers such as email engagement, browsing and purchase behavior.

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Flow Optimizations

Finding all possible optimization areas across flow components such as the flow's structure, actions, logic and message content.

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A/B Testing Roadmap

Identifying high-impact split tests relative to your brand. This includes areas such as subject lines, send times, CTAs or global tests on entire flow funnels.

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Signup Form Strategy

I'll ensure your Klaviyo signup forms are running most efficiently and are running the most impactful A/B tests to increase opt-in rate.

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Improving Email Engagement

Fully reviewing your current email program and suggesting tweaks to sending cadence, segmentation and content strategy.

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Launching SMS

Contemplating adding SMS as a channel this year? I'll guide you on how to properly introduce this into your current Klaviyo program.

Invest in your growth

Here are the packages that I offer

Full Klaviyo Audit
A comprehensive, 40+ point audit of your Klaviyo account.
40+ Point Audit Checklist

The full audit typically takes between 2-3 hours to perform. I'll cover areas such as signup forms, flows, campaigns, lists & segments and offer optimization tips to improve those areas.

60-minute Audit Review Call

Once the audit's complete, we'll schedule a 60-minute audit review call to review my optimization recommendations. This tends to also function as a "live working session" where we can make edits in real-time together in your account.

Account Audit Deck

After our call, I'll send over the audit deck in PDF format so that you and your team can start tackling the optimizations.

Or, this is where I can help assist with the Monthly Strategist package (see next package).

Most Popular
Monthly Strategist
Your go-to Klaviyo expert to optimize your Klaviyo account.
Up to 15 hours of Klaviyo services

Whether it's vetting your current Klaviyo setup, building a custom Klaviyo roadmap, or helping you plan your content calendar, I'll act as a Swiss army knife and work alongside you and your team to ensure you're operating as efficiently and effectively as possible.

Proactive Strategic Guidance

I won't just be reactive to your requests. I'll also proactively offer strategic recommendations based on upcoming opportunities that make sense for your brand and ensure you're up to date with industry best practices.

Weekly Strategy Call

Each week we'll have a 1-hour call to go over current and upcoming initiatives on our roadmap. This is where I also tend to play the project manager role to ensure we stay on track to hit our goals.

Email & Slack Messaging

Between our weekly calls, we can work through email or your favorite project management tool to complete tasks.

If your team has a Slack workspace, I'd be happy to join it.

Is there something else that you have in mind?

If there's another way of working you have in mind, such as hourly, on-the-go consulting, I'm open to hearing about it.

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What some of my clients have said

Erin Abernathy,
Head of Marketing @ Feather

"Working with Bobby was a terrific experience. He provided insightful recommendations on how to optimize our existing flows and made an immediate impact sharing how to improve performance. I'd highly recommend Bobby to anyone looking to hire a true Klaviyo expert."

Aaron Prosser,
Founder @ Pacterra Athletics

"Bobby's audit found over a dozen improvement areas in our account. His knowledge and expertise on Klaviyo clearly showed as we reviewed the optimizations together. I'm excited to see the lift these enhancements will bring to our performance in Klaviyo."

Kerry Gould,
Founder & CEO @ Hello Healthy

"Bobby was awesome to work with, he knows his way around the Klaviyo platform. He was able to identify gaps in our customer funnels and create optimized segmentation for us to use moving forward."


Why should we choose to work with you?


As a former Klaviyo employee with 5+ years of daily Klaviyo experience, I bring a unique advantage: access to exclusive internal Klaviyo best practices.  This means I can craft Klaviyo marketing strategies based on the 100+ Klaviyo accounts I've operated within, maximizing results for your business.

I'm also a bit of an #emailgeek and stay up-to -date regularly through newsletters and social media on what's trending in the eCommerce and marketing automation space. By working with me, you'll always be ahead of the curve on new innovations and ideas.

Should I hire a freelancer or agency?


If you:

  • value a personal touch
  • want a guarantee of who you'll be directly working with
  • are seeking services that focus on strategy

then working with a freelancer (like me) will probably be the best choice for you.

If you:

  • are seeking full Klaviyo account management services (i.e. someone to take lead on content calendar planning, email design, copywriting etc.)
  • are OK with less control on who works on your account
  • are OK with a higher investment cost and a longer contractual agreement

then working with an agency or hiring a full-time team member might be a better fit.

What will we cover on the free call?


The free 30-minute call I offer allows us a chance to dive into what your current challenges and objectives are related to Klaviyo or marketing automation in general.

I'll share quick tips if I'm able to provide them, while also assessing if we'd be a potential fit to work together. If we appear to be a fit, I'll follow up post-call with a proposed project or service agreement.

Do you subcontract any work out?


Nope! I perform all of the work and strategic guidance myself :)

What's it like working with you?


I'm proactive and enjoy taking on the 'project manager' role to ensure our projects are moving efficiently. For the clients I work with on a month-to-month basis, I typically create and manage a "Klaviyo Roadmap" in our project management tool of choice (Monday and Notion are my personal favorites). That roadmap will list all of our initiatives out, sorted by priority.

The main channels I communicate with clients through are email, Slack and whatever project management tool we're working within (Monday and Notion are my personal favorites). We also typically have strategic touch-base calls on a weekly basis.

How many clients do you work with at once?


Since I'm a true solo-freelancer, I only work with a handful (e.g. 5-7 maximum ) of clients at a time.

However, applying that cap ensures that I can provide sufficient focus and attention to the clients I am working with without being stretched too thin.

Which marketing automation and eCommerce platforms do you work with?


At the moment, the only marketing automation platform I operate within is Klaviyo.

As for eCommerce platforms, I'm platform-agnostic. As long as you're on Klaviyo, I'm comfortable working with whatever eCommerce platform you use (e.g. Shopify, BigCommerce, Magento, a custom solution etc.).

Where are you based?


I'm originally from Boston, MA. However, as of 2022, I'm now based in Lisbon, Portugal (dual-citizen here)!

The working style I have with clients is primarily asynchronous, making it seamless to collaborate across time zones. There's also a natural window of overlap between US and European hours for convenient calls whenever needed.

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